April 29, 2019
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The US Attorney’s office has announced that a woman has been sentenced in a case involving marriage and visa fraud. Marena Mushero, of Maine, allegedly offered to marry a foreign national in need of a visa in exchange for money.
Prosecutors claimed that Mushero accepted cash and wire transfers from a foreign resident living and working in the US prior to their wedding, so that the foreign national could obtain a “green card”. This attempt to circumvent the US’s immigration policies was eventually discovered, and Mushero has been convicted and sentenced to 5 years of probation as a result.
Schemes around visa fraud in the US can be unfortunately common, with many visa-for-profit rings being busted regularly by federal investigators. It is important for potential immigrants to follow US laws and policies, or face fines, imprisonment, and deportation. If you are considering living and working in the US, it is important to obtain qualified legal counsel to ensure that you are legally protected throughout the immigration process.
美国检察官办公室宣布,一名女子因涉嫌婚姻和签证欺诈而被判刑。据称,缅因州的Marena Mushero与需要签证的外籍人士结婚以获取金钱利益。

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