USCIS acknowledges that its own policies cause case processing delays

May 1, 2019
Last month, USCIS responded to a letter sent by 86 Members of the House of Representatives on February 2019, who demanded explanations for its unreasonable delays in case processing. The response showed some evidence that USCIS’s own misguided policies are the reasons of causing the delays, which is harming millions of individuals, families, and U.S. businesses throughout the country.
In fiscal year 2018, USCIS’s backlog has caused processing delays of over 5 million cases. It marks a 29 percent increase since fiscal year 2016 and a 69 percent increase since fiscal year 2014. Yet, this USCIS response failed to achieve the full transparency into the details behind this crisis.
However, the concept of “USCIS completions per hour” was contained in the letter. The agency has noted that these completion rates measure the “average hours per adjudication of an immigration benefit request.” and also the administration has conceded that “declining completions per hour limit our ability to reduce the current overall backlog.”
Besides, delays result from the issuance of Request for Evidence (RFE) are not accounted for in this measure. So if you are applying any immigration visa, it is important to obtain qualified legal counsel to guide them through the whole process.

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