Princeton President Eisgruber, leaders of New Jersey universities express concern to Congress about

May 9, 2019
Princeton President Eisgruber, along with other leaders of New Jersey universities, sent a letter to the state’s Congressional delegation, showing their concern that the universities are facing an obstacle in attracting and retaining foreign students and faculties.
Eisgruber initiated this action. And in recent years, he has been trying to convey an idea that international students and faculties are crucial to the development of college campus. Eisgruber also doubted the current immigration policies, and advocated for the DACA program.
For the past few years, New Jersey universities found that the difficulty for international students and faculties to get student/work visa has been rapidly increasing. Other colleges across the country also shared the same idea.
In the letter, it is said that “Our schools vary in mission, size and the makeup of our student bodies, but we all depend on our ability to attract motivated students and scholars from throughout society and around the world. We believe our success in these endeavors plays an important role in building the state’s innovation economy.”
According to a recent research from AILA, compared to the previous two fiscal years, the total time consumed in processing immigration cases has increased 46%, and the number of international students has dropped two years in a row.
Eisgruber率先带头此次行动,近几年来,他一直努力向政府传达国际学生和教师对大学校园的重要性。 Eisgruber对目前的移民政策存疑,并称其”有害”,同时重申“梦想生”计划的重要性。

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