USCIS: Marijuana-Related Activities May Affect Your Naturalization Application Result

May 16, 2019
USCIS recently released a policy guidance to explain that certain marijuana-related activities will have a negative impact on the result of naturalization applications, regardless of the fact that they are legal under applicable state laws. If the applicants violate the federal laws, they will be deemed to lack good moral character.
Under federal law, marijuana is classified as a “Schedule I” controlled substance, its manufacture (including planting, cultivating, harvesting, etc), distribution, dispensation and possession may eventually lead to denial in naturalization application. Immigration lawyers suggest that if you are interested in applying for citizenship now or in the future, you need to avoid participating in any kind of marijuana-related activities, and even to avoid working or investing on any marijuana-related companies. According to the report, ICE may also check the applicant’s social media accounts.

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