Things you should be aware if you are H-1B employee in IT consulting company

May 30, 2019
IT consulting companies are often the “targets” when it comes to immmigration fraud situations, and it is demonstrated by the data itself. H-1B petitions filed by IT consulting companies are being examined way heavier and longer than the others, with the denial rate less than 10% in 2015, and has risen up to 40% roughly.
USCIS has a Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) branch, and one of its missions is to verify the information from the H-1B petitions. And it often will be in the form of request for evidence (RFE) or site visits. When it comes to site visits, immigration officers usually will show up unannounced and they will request to speak with H-1B employees, their manager or even HR. It is not an easy situation to deal with because not everyone in the company is able to provide the absolute accurate information about a specific employee, especially for those large size companies.
From analyzing the H-1B data this year. Two out of the top five H-1B employers this year are IT consulting companies, and as always, the head IT companies are from California.

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